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  • AlphaPi Impresses at Microsoft AI Training Day for AFP Executives

    On May 23rd, 2024, AlphaPi reached a significant milestone as it was honoured to present and demonstrate its cutting-edge solutions at the prestigious Microsoft AI Training Day for Australian Federal Police (AFP) Executives. This event marked an important moment for AlphaPi, showcasing its innovative capabilities to a distinguished audience. During the event, our Chairman, John Livanas not only introduced AlphaPi to the AFP executives but also highlighted our recent experience with the Royal Flying Doctors Service in Dubbo. This experience stands as a testament to our commitment to leveraging technology for meaningful impact. The demonstration session was the highlight of

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  • Microsoft/AlphaPi Co-hosted Event: How Mixed Reality and AI Can Empower Frontline Workers

    How Mixed Reality and AI Can Empower Frontline Workers On 28th Feb 2024, AlphaPi hosted a hybrid event together with Microsoft Australia showcased how mixed reality and AI can be used to enhance the training, collaboration, and decision-making of frontline workers in various industries and scenarios.  Empowering the Future Microsoft’s Vision for the Industrial Metaverse and Ethical AI  Bridging Innovation: AlphaPi’s Vision for Empowering Frontline Workers with Mixed Reality and AI  Innovating Reality: Unveiling the Future with Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Microsoft’s Mixed Reality and AI Platform  Empowering Frontline Innovation: Microsoft’s AI Integration with Mixed Reality for Transformative Experiences  Bridging

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  • AlphaPi’s Breakthrough Technology at the ANZPAA Police Conference 2023

    On November 9-10, 2023, we were honoured to attend the ANZPAA Police Conference, which was led by Australia and New Zealand police commissioners. This conference served as an invaluable platform for AlphaPi to delve into a spectrum of policing-related discussions while introducing our groundbreaking mixed reality technology to esteemed professionals, employees, and leaders within the law enforcement community and industry.  Engaging in insightful dialogues with attendees, we gained invaluable insights into the pressing concerns and challenges faced by law enforcement agencies today. Demonstrating the transformative potential of cutting-edge technology, we elucidated how mixed reality stands poised as a formidable tool

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